Sunday, October 30, 2011

Family Communication part 1

It was time for Family Communication at family group therapy.  

My son went first.

This is what he said:

I resent you for putting me in rehab.  It made me feel betrayed and hurt.

I resent you for yelling at me.  It made me feel scared and guilty.

I resent you for being so #*%* awesome.

I love and appreciate you for being so supportive.  It makes me feel loved.

I love and appreciate you for doing everything you do to help me in my recovery.  It makes me feel grateful and appreciative.

I love and appreciate you for always being there for me.  It makes me feel wanted.

I love and appreciate you for making sure I have everything I need.  I feel grateful.

I apologize for using drugs, swearing, having a negative attitude, and for all of the other dumb things I did while using.

I apologize for not doing what you ask me to do the first time.  I feel lazy and ungrateful.

Mom, I apologize for not accepting “no” for an answer and then bugging you.  I feel guilty.

I apologize for saying mean and rude things to both you when you are being good parents.  I feel ashamed.

I apologize for not having more to resent you for.

I can commit to staying clean and maintaining a positive attitude, helping out more, and start being the awesome son you deserve.  I feel confident and enthusiastic.

I commit to getting my education and asking for help.  I feel worthwhile and that
I care about my future.

I commit to reminding you of DBT skills when you need them.  I feel sassy.

That last part made me laugh through my tears.

He did a good job. 

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