Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Moon and the Stars

Sometimes I just don’t know what happens.

The moon and the stars get out of alignment or something.

October.  One of my favorite months of the year.  I love Autumn’s weather and changing leaves.  My husband loves it because it is hunting season.  And this was a hunting day.  My son would not go with him so he went alone and was going to come back late that night. 

That afternoon, my son asked me what I wanted to do and I said that I wanted to go to a movie, but we couldn’t agree on one.  I didn’t have any other ideas because the weather was cold and rainy.  He couldn't come up with a plan either, so, he played the X-Box and I just did random things that needed to be done.

Later on in the evening, I got ready to go the grocery store to buy the two staples of life—milk and cereal.  I told him that I would buy him a pizza while I was gone and he was cool with that. 

Just as I was leaving, he said that he wanted me to take him to the video game store since I was going out anyway.  That made me a little bit frustrated because I had just taken him to the game store two days before.  He had wanted to buy a game that cost $35.00.  He only had $10.00.   And, he did his usual pestering act until I lent him $25.00 to pay for the rest of the game.

So, there didn’t seem to be much point in taking him to the game store that night since he was already in debt to me and I wasn’t going to let him go into debt to me anymore. 

But, he had a pile of games that he had put together to take to trade in.  I told him that the value of those trade-ins had to be more than enough to pay for the game that he wanted to get because I was not putting in one more dime.

That was a mistake.  He always has to get what he wants, when he wants it and if I have to put in money to make that happen, then that is what he expects me to do.  If things don't go his way, then there will be repercussions. 

My logic and his logic just don’t jive.  My logic says that if he owes me money, then I am not going to loan him any more until he pays me back.  His logic is that he will pay me back when he pays me back and I can keep loaning him money as long as he wants me to. 

So he got upset and started swearing at me.

When I didn’t change my mind, he came up with a new plan.  He decided that I should take him to the bank so that he could cash a paycheck.  When I told him that I couldn’t do that on a Saturday night, he accused me of not ever giving him his own money and of not letting him use his money for the things that he wants to use it for.  The fact that his bank isn't open at 7:00 p.m. on a Saturday night didn’t mean anything to him.  It was all my fault that he couldn’t have his money from his paycheck.

It didn’t matter that I could write him a check on Monday and that he could cash it on Monday and spend it on Monday.  He had to be able to buy a game—that night!

Everything started to spin out of control because he wasn’t getting his way and wasn’t getting what he wanted.  To me, he just kept getting more and more unreasonable and absurd.  He hates it when I say that he is being unreasonable, so his yelling and swearing escalated.  He told me that I am a bad mom, that I never do anything for him, and that I act like everything he says or does is stupid.  Then he said, “So, thanks, Mom.”

I was done with this and I started to go up the stairs to my room and I replied, “THANK YOU, too!”

In his emotional state, he decided that I must have said something else that starts with an F and ends with a U.  And charged after me and screamed, “What the F*** did you just say to me?”

I answered, “I said, THANK YOU!”

He was so out of control that he wasn't even listening.  Again, he said, “What the f*** did you just say to me?”

Twice more I had to reiterate that I had said thank you right back to him after he said the same thing in the same way to me.  I am not a bad mom, I spend my whole life doing things for him, and he had no right to say what he said to me, but I would never say to him what he thought I did. 

Not that he wouldn’t blink twice to say it to me.  He thinks it is perfectly fine to say stuff like that to me.  But, apparently, I better not say things like that to him.

I spent the rest of the night in my room.  I did not go to the store and I did not even have any dinner.

I cannot stand these blow-ups.

I don’t know how many F-bombs I can have thrown at me before they finally take me down.

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