Monday, March 28, 2011

3rd Strike

Our family therapist thought that our son might have depression.  He was arranging to have our son tested.  He knew about the marijuana use and said that kids who are depressed think that marijuana will help their depression, but actually marijuana makes it worse. 
Before we could get him tested, he got sick.  This winter, there was a virus going around that gave people a bad cough that lasted for weeks and weeks.  Most of his coughing every day was between 8:00 p.m. and 4:00 a.m.  He would start coughing in the evening and just would not be able to stop, so he was awake ALL NIGHT long.  No one in the house was getting much sleep, but since he was awake all night, and still coughing some during the day, he couldn’t go to school.  Nothing worked to get him to stop coughing.
He started to get REALLY depressed.  Being shut up in the house, after having been grounded for a month, just really had an effect on him.  He wanted to give up on everything that he ever wanted to do or liked to do.  He would just isolate in his room and play the X-box.  Eventually, he even didn’t want to do that.
I tried my hardest to find things for him to do and to help him get over this sickness.  I took him to 3 different doctors during those 3 weeks, trying to help him.  It was a long three weeks. 
Finally, he was able to go back to school.  I was so happy and thought that after spending 3 weeks with me trying to help him in every way that I could, that we had turned a corner on how things were going.  I thought that he hadn’t had any chances to use marijuana during that time, so maybe he would stay clean.
When he came home from school that day, I stood right by him at the refrigerator while he was getting a drink.  I couldn’t believe it!  He smelled like smoke and his eyes were bloodshot.  I asked him if was cigarettes or weed, but he wouldn’t tell me and wouldn’t talk to me.
I was SO angry!
His first day out of the house in weeks, his first day back at school, and the first thing that he can think of to do is get high?
Of course, we drug tested him again and it was positive for marijuana.
Later that night, my husband was talking to him and our son said this, “I have been so bored and it gave me something to do.  I like smoking weed. I have smoked it for a long time.  I am going to keep smoking it.  AND, there is nothing you can do about it.”
Oh really?

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